Why Do I Have An Itchy Nipple With Discharge?




Supriya Singh
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Are you facing issues with an itchy nipple or nipple discharge or both? Read this article to know what could be the cause behind all these symptoms. These symptoms may appear on one or both the nipples.

The itchy nipple is a thing which all of us have faced at some point in life. Sometimes it goes away but, sometimes it becomes a recurring thing. 

There are a number of factors that can cause an itchy nipple. 


Dermatitis is one of the common reasons behind your itchy nipple. Why does dermatitis occur? The factors could involve allergies to fabric, your stress level, dry skin,etc.  This condition may further cause eczema.

With eczema, inflammation of the affected area occurs. Eczema may be induced as a result of reaction with water,…

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