Why Can’t Babies Have Honey? Plus Answers to 10 Common Questions




honey is dangerous for babies under one

Here’s the situation. Honey is delicious. It’s natural and seems like it would be very baby-friendly, however, honey can also carry some dangerous passengers.

The issue with honey and babies: Infantile Botulism

Tiny Clostridium botulinum spores can occur naturally in honey, and release a toxin that immature digestive systems aren’t old enough to tackle.

Symptoms of infantile botulism include constipation, difficulty sucking or swallowing, and floppy movements. If left untreated, it can be fatal.

Common questions we’ll cover:

How common is infant botulism from honey?

There are generally about 100 cases of infant botulism reported across the US annually. Some of these can be from other sources (dirt and inhalation of dust particles), but honey is the most common cause.

Does all honey contain botulism?

According to one study done in Poland in 2018, of 240 multifloral…

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