What Does Eye Contact Mean to a Guy? 10 Signs and What They Mean




What does eye contact mean to a guy? Many things, actually…

He could be trying to tell you he finds you sexy…

…that he’s not into you…

…that he wants to #%@! you…

…that he doesn’t know how to express himself.

Rather than you struggling to try to interpret what a man is thinking when you make eye contact, here’s your guide.

Why You Should Care About What Eye Contact Means to a Guy

I’ll be the first to admit it: men aren’t always great at communicating what they want or are thinking with words. Or maybe it’s just that women are so much better at communicating (did you know you have more language protein than men??).

As a natural-born communicator, you use words and cues to understand the world around you. In dating, this can be frustrating, because you’re often not speaking the same language as men!

That’s where understanding eye contact comes into…

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