Unique and Diverse Board Books for Babies




Baby sitting on a blanket in the grass reading Will Ladybug Hug?

Building your baby’s first library goes well beyond numbers, colors and shapes. Today’s perfect baby library is forward thinking, inclusive, and diverse, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. So where does one go to find this utopia of diverse and unique board books, perfect for your worldly little baby?

Enter Little Feminist.

Little Feminist is a monthly subscription book club that finds the best diverse, age appropriate children’s books, and delivers them to your door.  

Each book helps open up discussions and introduce important topics like race, skin color, gender identity, and even bullying. What’s more, every box includes discussion materials and an activity to help fully understand the lesson.

Building Baby’s First Library – Unique and Diverse Board Books

Because it’s hard to know where to start in building your child’s library, I asked Little…

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