This Is How You Can Have Minimal Hangover




Anindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

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Hei lovelies, have a party tomorrow? 

Then you will be needing the following information if you are going to have alcohol and then have a job/college the next day.

This is all about precautions that you should take to reduce hangover.

Before You Drink

There are a few things that you need to take care of before you start drinking.

Double Up On Multivitamins

When you consume alcohol and get drunk, you tend to lose energy. Since your strength starts to deplete it is recommended to consume a lot of B-Vitamin, that are well known to produce energy from the food that you intake. 

There is a misconception that the reason for a hangover is entirely…

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