There Is No Such Thing As Falling Behind, There Is Not Just One Way Your Life Can Unfold




Here is a sentence that will either disrupt your worldview or free you, and probably both:

Everybody is having the exact experience that they are meant to be having.

This is hard to accept when we see people around us making what we perceive to be grave errors in their lives.

This is hard to accept when we witness the people we love struggling and we want to show them the way out.

This is hard to accept when we can’t stop judging and punishing ourselves for not being better, farther, and different.

When we are young, and before we really have a sense of autonomy, our lives are governed by a process, a specific order.

We know that we learn to crawl then walk.

We know that we learn to tie our shoes and put on our jackets.

We know that when we’re done with 2nd grade, we go to 3rd.

Our lives are built-in reinforcing systems.

We are reinforced by our…

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