The Most Refreshing Cocktail You Will Have This Summer




At the onset of summer, fruit punch has to be one of the most popular drinks; everybody loves some punch or the other. Be it, kids or adults, it tends to highly invigorate everyone.  

But this one is not exactly your regular punch, because it has a little twist to it. 

And this fruit punch with a twist is only for adults. Sorry kids! 

Nigerian Chapman, is the twisted and a better version of fruit punch! Let’s learn more about the Chapman drink then. 

About the drink

The name probably would have given it off a bit. And if it hasn’t, well then, the Nigerian Chapman has its origin in Nigeria. 

Although the veracity of this is still somewhat uncertain, according to sources, it first came into being by a Nigerian bartender, in Ikyoi club, which is in Nigeria. He was asked to prepare something special for his favourite British customer, whose name was Chapman. 

And that’s…

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