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Smoky eyes are hot. Yeah, I know, like really hot. They are that make-up look which is easier said than done. Once you try it, you’ll know for yourself. From the dark shadows making you look like you haven’t slept for days to the uneven finish with tired hands, they are no less than a nightmare. 

However, those days are over!! Time to go through the easy route ladies! Not everything needs to be as tough as it seems and smoky eyes definitely don’t. Unbelievable? I know right. 

Here are 8 simple steps to follow and you’ll get your make-up on point before you even realise it!  

Firstly, things that you will need for smoky eyes:

  1. A neutral eyeshadow palette
  2. A palette with darker shades

Note: You can also get eye shadow palettes that have both the tones. Many companies…

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