The Complete Guide For Bathing Your Baby




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Bathing a baby is a very delicate job and requires a lot of attention as well as cautions. If you are a new mommy, your baby will be the most precious being for you and you will want to provide your baby with all of the bests in life. You surely wouldn’t want to treat your baby wrong even slightly. After all this is what Motherhood is, the most special yet dicey feeling!

So mommies, we know you are having the most confusing time ever and we feel you! Do not worry, this happens as bathing your newborn can indeed be tricky. We have your back here! Here is the detailed procedure on your to give your baby its bath properly! 


  • Use a small tub for your baby and fill only a part of it, according to your baby size. Do not let the water level be above your baby’s…

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