Scientists Explain What Makes You Feel Sleepy (And 4 Ways To Fix It)




Do you always feel sleepy? You think you’ve slept well, but when you go about your day, you feel your eyelids drooping and start getting more and more tired. Soon, you can barely stay awake at all.

Why does this happen? How can you stop it? There are several potential reasons, and knowing them will help you solve the issue.

5 Reasons Why You Always Feel Sleepy

Here’s how experts reveal 5 reasons why you always feel sleepy and 4 ways to fix it.

1.    High Levels Of Stress

Did you know that the stress you’re experiencing could be the cause of your constant sleepiness? It can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and general drowsiness, and these all work together to make you much sleepier. In general, a lack of positive thinking, whether from depression or a bad mood, can also add to that.

Mental health can play a bigger role in your ability to stay awake than you might imagine! According to…

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