“Running Marathons For My Daughter Gave Me A New Lease On Life”




Being a mom is stressful enough, right? Add the strain of a career, and weight loss tends to slip to the bottom of the to-do list. But not for Galebalwe Ramorola, whose resilience and passion have pushed her through running two Comrades Marathons — and resulted in a whopping 37kg reduction in her body weight.

Name: Galebalwe Ramorola

Occupation: Nestle market safety health and environmental specialist

Age: 43

City: Pretoria

Weight before: 98.5kg

Weight after: 61.5kg

Height: 1.47m

Time required to reach current weight: 7 years

Secret weapon: Calories in, calories out: burn more calories than you consume 

The gain

Gale picked up weight gradually while facing unimaginable personal challenges. “In 2002, I gave birth to twins; one passed on and the remaining twin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,” she says.


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