Responding To The Trigger Differently Is The Only Way You’re Going To Heal It




We often think that what unravels our lives are singular events, instances we can pinpoint our pain to.

This is actually the exception to the rule.

Two people can go through the exact same life event and have a completely different experience of it.

It wasn’t the event itself that changed them, it was how they responded, which is the result of the context it occurred in. It was everything that was happening beforehand that lead to that breaking point moment.

Triggers are actually tipping points.

In fact, we usually think that our triggers are what’s trying to destroy us, when in fact, they are usually trying to show us the ways in which we are already destroying ourselves.

If you are someone who wants to reclaim your power, then you are going to have to learn to respond to your triggers differently.

At first, this will be uncomfortable.

In fact,…

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