Possible Reasons Of Your Itchy Scalp




Supriya Singh
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Suffering from an itchy scalp is very annoying and embarrassing especially when you’re outside in a public place, right? Itchy scalp is a condition, also known as scalp pruritus. In general, we think itchy scalp means we have a dandruff problem. But we might be wrong because there are several underlying causes leading to an itchy scalp. 


We all know about dandruff right and the resulting white flakes after we scratch our scalp.  Dandruff can be treated easily and if left untreated, in rare cases it can cause hair loss. 

How to treat it?

Treatment for dandruff includes the anti-dandruff shampoos, creams prescribed by dermatologists. There are also some home remedies which are effective as well. 

Head Lice

There is a misconception…

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