Must-Know Facts Before Opting For Plan B




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Change in the Cycle? Relax its normal.

Your protection shield broke and you ain’t on pill? or in the heat of the moment things happened without planning? What is your last resort?! Obviously you rely on Plan B.  But wait before jumping on to this Plan B you have come up with, you obviously would wonder about how it shall work and what side effects it comes with?

Let us enlighten you with the oblivion and elucidate the side effects it entails.

What is Plan B?

So, basically Plan B medically termed as Levonorgestrel, is a female hormone that can cause changes in your cervix that helps in making it difficult for the sperms to arrive to the uterus and even harder for a fertilized egg to be attached to the uterus. It actually contains a type of progesterone that is used in the…

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