Living With OCD And Agoraphobia Amidst COVID-19




One of the hallmark symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder is intrusive thoughts. All my life, I’ve felt their constant bombardment. My mind is like a crowded room, and the voices are all shouting different things.

“That’s not clean enough — it might be infected.”

“Did they just cough? Are they sick?”

“I don’t have enough of these things — what if the worst happens, and I need more?”

“It’s safer inside my house. I don’t need to go out.”

“Do they really have to stand that close to me?”

“Do we have to shake hands? That’s not sanitary.”

“We definitely don’t need to hug.”

I now see this inner monologue on the faces of everyone around me (who of course, are standing more than a metre away). Thanks to COVID-19, these types of thoughts are plastered across social media, as…

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