How To Check If You Are Carrying Multiples Before Getting Your First USG




Supriya Singh
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Pregnancy is a very crucial stage and a lot of thoughts run through the minds of the expecting mothers during the initial stage especially. One of the thoughts that some expecting mothers have is, “Am I carrying just one baby or more?” 

If you are carrying and you are having such a thought, then all you have to know these pregnancy signs and symptoms to clarify your doubt. 

Crazy hormone levels

One of the possible signs that you may have more than one baby is high levels of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in your body. However, this is only a possibility. In simple words, higher hCG levels mean higher chances of multiple pregnancies, that’s it. 

The hCG levels are checked as a part of the common screenings at the initial stages of…

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