Hormones May Have A Role




Pratigya Dhali

2 min read

Sex is not only a primal requirement for women but it is a bridge that joins a man and woman together. It plays a significant role in marriage and most people who go for counseling, have this one issue in common.

Sexual desire or libido doesn’t remain the same throughout life, sometimes you can are ready to jump the bones and at the others you would rather read a book than have a sack session. Sexual desire in women is a complex process and is not as simple as in a man. The lack thereof is also due to a combination of myriad reasons.

Female Sexual Dysfunction 

Female sexual dysfunction is a common malady and a below-par sexual experience can take its toll on other aspects of a woman’s daily life. Some common sexual problems faced by women are:

  • Low libido
  • Taking much longer time to get aroused
  • Not achieving orgasm
  • Painful sex

The common causes of low…

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