Here Is What You Should Eat To Get Rid Of Sagging Skin




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To us women, skin matters a lot. A small pimple can give us gloomy mornings and the slightest scar can leave us in tears. We’ll give our best to protect it from any threat. Yet, some things are inevitable, one of them being Sagging Skin. 

If you’re experiencing sagging skin, these could be the possible reasons:


Ageing loosens the skin because as we age, skin loses its elasticity. Gravitational force acts on our skin causing sagging skin. 


Our skin is made up of Collagen and Elastin, which expands during pregnancy and contracts after childbirth. This leads to the sagging skin because once expanded, skin doesn’t go back to its original shape completely. 

Exposure To Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals can harm our skin cells causing them to become weak and…

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