Here Are The Things I’m Not Brave Enough To Say




1. you decided the view wasn’t for you, but you’d only just tied your shoelaces and stretched your calves; you had mountains of my heart left to climb.

2. it’s too bad you missed the sunset. i had never glowed for anyone like that.

3. there were constellations pulsing in my midnight sky i never wanted anyone but you to hold my hand under. now you’re just someone else who left me hurt and undiscovered.

4. i wanted to be cartographer of your soul and body. blame them both if i cannot see you yet; i am still transfixed. i swear i am trying not to be.

5. i have never tried this hard at letting go.

6. i have a high threshold for pain, i don’t understand why it hurts like this.

7. i know i don’t look anything like the girls you follow, but i wanted to be lovely for you. only for you. i would’ve blistered in the golden hour light, rolled…

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