Feeding Schedule for a Newborn




Mother staring down at sleeping baby who is on a feeding schedule for a newborn
Scene I

A dark bedroom. The clock on the nightstand reads 3:30 a.m. Mom is awake and nervously looking at the clock. A second figure snores under the covers.

Mom: Honey. Psst. HONEY.

Partner: Hmmmpf?

Mom: The baby’s been sleeping for three hours and seventeen minutes.

Partner: So?

Mom: So – we were told to feed him every two to three hours. Do you think we should wake him?

Partner: Are you crazy, it took forever to get him to sleep!

Mom: Ok, so if we don’t wake him NOW, what time will the next feed start then? Do I wake him up in an hour? Or two hours? But if I wait two hours, it will be, let’s see…FIVE hours since he last ate!

Partner: So?

Mom: So I think that’s too long, right?

Partner: I dunno. Won’t he just wake up when he’s hungry?

Mom: I don’t know! But if he sleeps for five hours, and we’re supposed to be feeding him every two to three, then we basically…

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