Everything You Need To Know About A Heart Shaped Uterus




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A Heart Shaped uterus might sound Sugar and Spice but it definitely isn’t everything nice. If your doctor informed you that you have a Heart-shaped uterus or you are suspecting it or just wondering about what it is, here is a complete guide to satisfy your curious self! This article covers it all- what it actually is, the causes and the effects! 

What is the Uterus? 

The uterus is the organ in your body which makes you capable of giving birth. It is the organ where your baby spends is formed. Right from Ovulation to Parturition (or childbirth), the Uterus handles it all!

What is a Heart-Shaped Uterus? 

The Uterus normally is of the shape of an inverted pear. A Heart Shaped Uterus is a type of Congenital Uterine abnormality in which the Uterus looks Heart-shaped instead of…

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