Dr. Kamna Chhibber Talking About Effective Parenting Techniques




Kamna Chhibber is a clinical psychologist and heads the department of mental health and behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare. 

She not only indulges in therapy-related work, but also engages in the non-clinical spectrum that involves developing training programmes, community outreach programmes, etc., 

The Voice of Woman presents Dr. Kamna Chhibber’s views on the right parenting technique, how to abstain from suicidal thoughts, and what are the warning signs of depression that one should be aware of.

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What hurdles do clinical psychologists face daily? 

The profession of being a clinical psychologist is an extremely rewarding space to work in. 

But like any other occupation, it comes with its own stresses and pressures, which to a large part emanate from the fact that we don’t necessarily always have control over outcomes. 

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