Different Stages Of Labor During Pregnancy




Childbirth is one of the most awaited moments of the expecting parents. Once the labor starts, it is official that it is time for the baby to arrive, a moment full of emotions. 

Women who are totally new to childbirth usually have a lot of questions in mind regarding labor. If you are looking for some answers as well, you have come to the right place. 

We all know in general that once a pregnant woman goes into labor, soon we will get to see the baby. But the question is for how long does a woman go into labor? What happens when she goes into labor?

Signs of you are going into labor: 

  • The water breaks.
  • Cramps and back pain.
  • Strong and constant contractions.
  • Vaginal discharge

labor isn’t just about contractions and the dilating of the cervix. A lot of things happen during labor. labor in pregnancy has 3 stages. 

Stage 1 – Full Cervical Dilation

This is the longest stage of all the 3…

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