Cut Your Hair At Home With These Easy Tips




Supriya Singh
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Now you might be thinking, why would I ever cut my hair? Who does that? What if I mess up? And what if I look like an idiot? Yes, you are right. Hair cut at home has its risks but once you do it perfectly, it will be a proud moment for you. 

Before I discuss this I would like to say that, if you ever think of cutting your hair, go through as many tutorials as you can. 

Good pair of scissors

To begin with this, you will need good quality scissors, not the kitchen scissors. That’s a big NO. If you will use the normal scissors, the hair that you will cut may have split-ends later. So, I would suggest, get a good pair of shears, a double-edged comb and hair clips. If you want to do this, do it the right way.

Trimming your hair to remove those…

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