Constipation In Newborn: The Probable Causes




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Problem Of Constipation!!!

If you are the mother of a new-born, you must be having one of the most confusing moments of your life. Do not worry, you aren’t alone there, this happens to almost all new moms, especially the first time moms. While everything about them is delicate and needs proper monitoring, pooping of a new-born probably needs more attention than you think- It is often tough to understand if things are normal or not, the most common problem being constipation. 

Babies often suffer from constipation without letting anyone know. Yes, we know you certainly do not want you little one to suffer silently. We get you mommy, here is how to help your baby! 

Firstly, Is She Suffering From Constipation? 

You might be worrying for no reason! Most of the time, it is…

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