Breast Size: Perfect Yet Problematic




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Breast Size: Big boobs, small boobs, any shape, size or color are perfect and should be liked and loved the way are. Yet, the perfect couldn’t mean it doesn’t have problems. Here are the 21 things that only women with big boobs will understand.

1. Eh! Sweaty in there.

The most irritating you shall witness is the sweat that you experience in summers around your boobs. Seeping down and making its way in the shirt, around your boobs.

2. Strapless doesn’t exist.

For women who have big boobs, strapless bras are not present in their closet. You can’t wear clothes that require you to wear strapless. 

3. No options except black & nude!

And while you shop and sneak into the lingerie section all you get is disappointment. You don’t get to have the pretty vibrant colours you…

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