Being Petty About Your Past Makes You Look Worse Than Anyone Else




There is a difference between being hurt by the past, and being petty about the past.

There is a difference between shedding light on wrongdoing, and poking fun at what you now perceive to be beneath you.

One is an honest way to heal, and to move forward.

The other is a thin veil over a bruised ego.

The honest truth is that when you are petty about the things that didn’t go the way you’d hoped in your life — first jobs, almost relationships, and so on — you make yourself look so much worse than anyone you think you’re insulting.

Life disappoints us all in some way, at some point.

This happens in more rapid succession at the start of our adult lives, and our bitterness about it tends to peak a few years afterwards.

We look back at the opportunities we wish we hadn’t taken, the mistakes we now realize we’d made, the people we invested…

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