Avoid It At All Costs




Everyone devours chicken, be it in any dish. But before we go ahead, vegans, please skip this one because this one is definitely not for you. Jokes apart, chicken is one of the most commonly eaten meat all over the world. 

Not only is it tasty, but chicken contains some exceptional health advantages such as a rich protein supply, healthier bones, weight loss, etc… 

But the problem arises when you consume undercooked chicken. 

It is a rather commonly known fact, that eating undercooked chicken is extremely bad for your health. But have you ever wondered why? 

What happens when you eat raw chicken? 

Take a look at how unhealthy and risky it actually is to consume even slightly undercooked chicken. 

Food poisoning 

This is one of the most commonly seen yet dangerous results of eating undercooked chicken. 

Why food poisoning tends to occur is because raw chicken tends to…

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