A low-cost DIY divorce app—is it for you?




Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to file for divorce online if both you and your partner are in agreement on the terms of your divorce and how your kids will be taken care of.

With GetDivorcePapers, you can file for divorce without even leaving your home — and without paying exorbitant costs for a lawyer.

There are dozens of sites that make money from claiming to help divorcing people file online, cheaply, without attorneys.

GetDivorcePapers has an F Better Business Bureau rating, and no other outstanding features.

Our recommendation is to pay $299 to CompleteCase. CompleteCase’s fee includes all the papers required in to file for divorce in your state, and detailed instructions for doing so yourself.

CompleteCase features:

  • A Better Business Rating
  • 100% money-back guarantee your papers will be accepted by the court
  • Free chat support

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