8 Things To Measure Your Progress By That Aren’t Just Productivity




Progress is not just steady forward movement.

It’s also the willingness to slow down, take stock, ground, uproot, shift, change, and move forward in a way that’s actually in alignment with who we really are.

A thousand steps forward mean nothing if they’re all in the wrong direction.

Here are 8 ways to measure how far you’re coming that have nothing to do with the length of your “to do” list.

1. Your pace.

What if your life wasn’t about how quickly you could rush from one milestone to the next, but how much time you took arriving to each, how much soul you planted in the garden of your life?

Pace is a big indicator of progress, because it often means we’re ready to start prioritizing quality over quantity. We are no longer willing to accept a dozen acquaintances, we’d prefer one or two best friends. We are no longer willing to…

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