8 Signs That You Have Sensitive Skin And Precautions To Be Taken




Most people have this misconception that they have sensitive skin based on one or two occurrences of a bad reaction or side effect of a particular product or any other reason. 

According to dermatologists, sensitive skin is prone to skin redness or inflammation. If not a skin condition it can also be a result of a reaction from a certain product like a cream, fragrance, etc.

There could be several reasons and causes behind developing sensitivity, a few of them are listed below:

1. This is a natural condition

Your skin is generally averse to developing a rash or redness from common exposure to sunlight, water, or even extreme conditions. You may not have any serious health conditions, just a natural tendency of your skin to get easily irritated. 

2. Result of any allergy 

You must have sensitive skin and you have certain allergic reactions to products like creams, soaps,…

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