6 Tips To Finally Break Your Nail-Biting Habit




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Have you been staring at your nails which are ragged and torn because you just can’t stop biting them? Do you look longingly at all the nail polish bottles you’ve had to keep in drawers because your nails are too shabby to paint? Nail-biting can be a hard habit to break. 

Some people find the habit so difficult to shake that their nails end up bloody and their fingers scab. It can be a painful and taxing habit, but if you use it to keep your hands busy or it’s a way for you to calm yourself down, then you probably don’t know how to stop. 

So here are some ideas to help you break your habit once and for all.

Know why you do nail-biting

You probably don’t do it because you love the results. You need to identify why in particular you’re drawn towards nail-biting….

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