6 Amazing Methods & Routine To Heal




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Nothing annoys a girl more than getting chapped, flaky lips. Lips are the most sensitive area of your body. They are repeatedly exposed to sun, heat, pollution and thus they end up drying out and looking flaky. Chapped lips are hard to cure in a day or overnight. However, by following certain methods and routines you can get rid of the flakiness in your lips and get those amazing soft, supple, pink lips you wish for.

1. Stay hydrated

It’s been repeated time and again in history, well not technically, but it is widely known that keeping your body hydrated pays off directly in the matters of skin. Drink water regularly and add more fluids in your diet. This helps in the nourishment of the lips and keeps them from drying out quickly. 

2. Moisturize 

Lips are prone to drying…

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