5 Things You Were Never Told About




Isha Surabhi
Isha Surabhi An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

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Spray tan?? Okay we all love it! 

But is there something you still need to know about it??? 

Yeah, definitely there’s a lot left! We all love that golden tan. Especially summer is the season when all the tan lovers come out in their best golden bronze skin. Also, tanning costs, not much but of course an amount such that you want to preserve that tan for the entire year. Hence, these days the tanners have moved on to this new kind of tan called spray tanning! The best thing about it is that it does away with the Sun’s UV rays. 

But is it healthy considering all the aspects of the same?

There are some things about spray tanning that you should…

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