40 Hilarious Questions That Are Almost Too Dumb To Process 




These stupid questions from Ask Reddit will make you wonder how some people made it through high school.

1. But if you’re colorblind, then how can you read?

2. How do you spell TV?

3. On a map, is the blue part the water or the sky?

4. Is Ash Wednesday this Friday?

5. How do you say salsa in Spanish?

6. Wasn’t me, but my twin brothers: “With people confusing you all the time, do you ever forget which one you are?”

7. What kind of meat is in beef and broccoli?

8. Before cell phones I got a call from a buddy on my house phone, you at home?

9. This girl asked me how you ice fish when the fish are all frozen under the ice. She was 22.

10. What will happen if there are people born on February 29? Will they stay their ages until the leap year or change their ages?

11. Does the drink come with a cup?

12. Are you from China or Asia?

13. Was the ice…

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