30 Signs You Aren’t Drop Dead Gorgeous But You Aren’t Ugly Either 




If you relate to these people from Ask Reddit, then you’re more attractive than you think.

1. I don’t get hit on often but never get turned down either.

2. People don’t go out of their way to try and get with me, but they are shocked to learn that no one else has “snatched me up yet.”

3. People don’t really pursue me and I don’t get much attention in public, but anyone who gets with me is pretty pleased about it.

4. You’re basically invisible to everyone, they’re not disgusted by you, but not attracted to you either.

5. People compliment me all the time for my appearance but I’m NEVER hit on even in passing. So I figure one of two things could logically be the case. Either I’m average, or I put off a vibe that says “never fuck or date this person.”

6. People are neutral and polite. No people acting giggly/shy around you or…

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