3 Weird Traits That Will Make Him Pursue You




If you’re trying to get a man’s attention and failing to succeed, then it’s possible that you need a new strategy. In fact, you’ll probably be shocked at the top traits that will make him pursue you.

They’re not what you’d expect.

You wearing low-cut clothing is not on the list.

Nor is telling him that you want a relationship.

Letting him make ALL the decisions? Uh uh. That’s not going to work either.

These traits will make him pursue you and, frankly, I find them a little weird. You might too.

If you thought that being a demure, shy woman was going to get you a man, you now know that this is the wrong approach. You know that being a strong, single woman is hella attractive to a guy. You also know that pouring your heart out and oversharing isn’t…

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