19 Signs That You’re Obsessed With Shoes




A journey of a thousand miles starts with a stunning pair of shoes. At least for a shoe addict, it does. Clicking on this article should probably be the first clue that you are obsessed with shoes. But in case you can’t see the signs we’re here to point them out to you. 

1. You own an exceedingly large shoe collection

Does this even need to be mentioned? That should be the most obvious sign, but not for someone with a shoe addiction. You have no idea if your shoe collection is exceedingly large because you think it is normal for people to have 40 pair of shoes. Sorry honey.

2. Shoes have stolen your sleep

Has missing out on that last pair of shoes you fell in love with has kept you awake? Or do you regret not buying those thigh-high boots that were on sale? Darling, shoes stealing your sleep is equal to you being a shoe junkie.

3. You notice the shoes first

When they say people…

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