15 Things Never to Wash with Dish Soap




You might be tempted to use dish soap on everything since it’s something you always have on hand. It seems to work well, and it’s less expensive than other cleaners. You may even think that it’s safe since you use it on dishes.

Surprisingly, however, there are many things you should never wash with dish soap. You might accidentally ruin things if you clean them this way, or you’ll make them even harder to clean. Even worse, when misused, it could cause physical problems for you and your pets.

While dishwashing soap is still a must-have in any kitchen, you’ll think twice about using it on certain things in the future.

Things Never to Wash with Dish Soap

Knowing what not to wash with dish soap will protect your family, your belongings, and even the flavor of your food.

1. Coffeemaker

There are a couple of reasons you shouldn’t wash your coffeemaker with dish soap. The first…

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