15 Hacks To Reduce Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes




Eyes are a woman’s asset. Many a poet has written wonderful lines complementing the beauty of a lady’s eyes. But are you trying to hide those same eyes or are they making you feel bad about yourself? The first signs of ageing appear with the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Puffy eyes and dark circles are a nightmare of all women.

The fat content in our body keeps the skin firm and taut, along with muscles and ligaments. Adipose tissue concentration is much less around the eyes. With age, the collagen loses its elasticity and the skin starts sagging, and it is much worse around the eyes.

Some of the common causes of dark circles and puffy eyes are:

· Lack of sleep

·  Stress

·  Sinus infection

·  Allergy

·  Crying

·  Ageing

·  Eating salty food, alcohol consumption, and smoking

·  Heredity

·  Fluid retention

·  Constant rubbing around the eyes

·  Sun exposure


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