15 Best Toddler Rain Boots for Little Boys and Girls




Being stuck inside all day with a rambunctious toddler can easily go sideways—but with the right rain gear, cloudy skies don’t have to keep you and your kid from an afternoon of outdoor fun. We’ve gathered up some of the best toddler rain boots that’ll have no problem keeping pace with your little puddle-jumper.

Best Toddler Rain Boots for Boys and Girls

Photo: Courtesy Hunter

Hunter Kids Original Kids’ First Classic Rain Boots

When it comes to adult rain boots, Hunter is a go-to brand. Turns out, their toddler rain boots are just as dependable, and come in the same cute colors! These shoes have a flatter sole, rounder foot and wider upper than others on the market, making them easier for tots to walk in. And, bonus: The shape makes them easier to get on and off too. Get a pair in toddler size 5 or up.

Photo: Courtesy Carter’s

Carter’s Dinosaur Rain Boots

What better way…

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