100 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas




pregnant woman being given a baby shower gift

If you’ve just received an invite to a baby shower and you want your gift to be something thoughtful and totally unique, we’ve got 100 baby shower gift ideas that are sure to fit the bill.

Unique baby shower gift ideas:

Zutano Booties

grey zutano baby booties

These cozy fleece booties will keep baby’s feet nice and toasty, and the double snap closure will keep them snug and secure on even the kickiest tootsies. Find them here.

Milestone ABC Baby First Year Album

my first year milestone baby book

This gorgeous album covers every important memory from the moment mom found out she was expecting to the twelfth month of her baby’s life and does it in style. You can find it here.


mint green bokee

Since preparing a bottle with one hand while holding a squirming baby in the other is exceptionally difficult, this handy little tool holds your bottle or sippy cup in place so it can be opened, filled, or closed with one hand. You can find them on the…

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