10 Weird Signs Your Ex is Pretending to Be Over You




Heather broke up with Jon recently, and while she’s nursing her own wounds and trying to move on, she also wants to know that he’s doing ok.

He’s posting a ton of photos on Insta (unusual for him) that show how fabulous his life is, and that makes her happy, mostly.

Her friends tell you that he’s just pretending to be over her to make her jealous or get her back. Heather doesn’t know what to believe.

Can you relate?

Why is He Pretending to Be Over You?

First, why would your ex pretend that he’s over you if he’s not? There could be many reasons.

He could be feeling vulnerable after the breakup and want to make sure you know he’s doing ok. It could be an ego thing.

Or…he could want you back. He might want to show you he’s moved on and doing well so that you want him. Maybe now…

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