10 Ways Morning Sex Is A Better Alternative To Waking Up, Than Alarm Clocks




Pratigya Dhali

3 min read

The blaring alarm certainly isn’t the best way to wake up in the morning. But your partner snuggling and cuddling and leaving lazy kisses, certainly feels like one of the greatest wake-up calls. Making steamy love to your SO is awesome at any time but morning sex is certainly the best thing that can happen to couple-especially those who are in a long term relationship. It is spur-of-the-moment and extremely romantic.

Read on to find out the amazing benefits of getting it on, before starting your day.

 A mind-blowing start to the day

The hickey or the sudden remembrance of how you woke up, make the rest of the stressful day feel like a breeze. Having an orgasm is equivalent to a round of gym sessions or meditation. It makes you feel relaxed and happy, due to the release of the hormones endorphins.

You would be relaxed after a goodnight’s…

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