10 Clothing Items That Are Men-Repellers




Simran Lakhina
Simran Lakhina A content writer with a specialization in journalism and mass communication. Being a post-graduate in English, I aspire to write a work of fiction one day. I enjoy interacting with new people and like to be in a positive aura.

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Women love having guys’ heads turned around towards them. They always want to look their best first for themselves and second to leave a mark wherever they go. Even our man loves to see us dressed in our best and they love it when their lady steals the show. 

But do you know ladies, there are some clothes that men don’t really like us. We are going to tell you about the items of clothing that men don’t like. They don’t like seeing their woman or any other in those clothes.

Here is the list of unpleasing clothes that men don’t quite adore:

Loosely Fitted Pants & Odd Leggings

Baggy pants and those…

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